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Tamara Tarasova

Program Facilitator
Life and Success Coach

“As a Founder of Mind-Body Wonders™, I am excited to contribute to the long-term wellness of individuals, families, and communities through creating transformative experiences that bring together Mind, Body, Heart, and nourish the Connection with ourselves and those

around us.”

Tamara often characterized as a ‘free spirit’ for her desire to grow, explore, and out-of-the-box thinking. She enjoys being engaged in different things finding joy in richness of opportunities, be it professional projects (coaching, Mind-Body Wonders™, education consulting), creative self-expression (dancing, creative writing, violin), or community services. Her special talent is to see connections between seemingly dispersed elements which is at the core of her project Mind-Body Wonders™ bringing together diverse practices and experiences woven into a common “thread” of personal growth.


As a Life and Success Coach, she balances powerful advancement and responsible self-care. She actively uses metaphors and embodiment techniques, inviting her client’s physical self into the client-coach conversation, thus, restoring the connection between thoughts, sensations, and emotions. Tamara’s coaching background includes Co-Active Coaching and Somatic Thinking methodology. She also has training in Gestalt Therapy, Diploma in Psychological Counseling from Moscow State University, and Master’s degree in Education from George Mason University.

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