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Our special guest, Lauren Juanita Hines, has a deep interest in spiritual pilgrimage, and has walked more than 2,000 miles of holy paths in 6 countries so far. She has been exploring the spirit world, mind-body connection, and creative expression through the literary and performing arts. She is a certified yoga instructor, a tango dancer, and a runner. She brings her approach to group connection and collaborative insights to her career as a certified project manager and facilitator of strategy workshops. Her undergraduate academic work was in psychology, and she received her MBA from Johns Hopkins.

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Experts: the Source of Wisdom

Pilgrimage Workshop is a collective effort of a unique team of experts where everyone brings his/her precious share into the fascinating multicolored kaleidoscope of pilgrimage. Our experts have put years into training and serving clients to help them grow in their unique areas of expertise. With the holistic vision of Mind-Body Wonders™, those experts are brought together into a well-attuned orchestra for you to Explore, Engage, and Connect while developing your very own vision of pilgrimage.

In the framework of the Pilgrimage Workshop by Mind-Body Wonders™, these experts will be sharing their practices, skills, and knowledge:

  1. Lauren Juanita Hines: Previous experience with pilgrimage, group facilitation, mindfulness, yoga, stretching

  2. Tamara Tarasova: Coaching, Somatic Thinking Coaching, adult education, and training

  3. Instructor TBD: breathing, safe movement, physical self-care

  4. Instructor TBD: trekking and backpacking  

  5. Instructor TBD: Camino Trails practical information  

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Tamara Tarasova is the Founder of Mind-Body Wonders, LLC, Life and Success Coach, avid dancer, and book author. She helps people fulfill their dreams by balancing powerful advancement and responsible self-care. Driven by an endless curiosity about human nature, Tamara inspires her clients through metaphors and mind-body connection. Her coaching background includes Co-Active Coaching, Gestalt therapy, and Somatic Thinking methodology. She has extensive background in adult training, holds Master’s degree in Education from George Mason, and diploma in Psychological Counseling from Moscow State University.

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