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Dee Hale

Brazilian Dance Facilitator

“Brazilian dance has been an enriching gift. I have learned so much about the importance respect for cultural heritage, hard work, resilience, inspiration, joy and community through Brazilian dance and music.”

Demeteris “Dee” is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana but has lived in the DMV area for over 20 years.  She began dancing salsa, bachata, and merengue around 2001 and added samba in 2007.  The intense rhythm of the music and the happiness of the dance pulled her into it immediately.  Dee began samba no pe training with Zezeh Brazil in Washington DC and learned to play Brazilian percussion instruments with Alejandro Lucini at George Washington University. In 2010, Dee began training in samba de gafieira and forro with Fabion Bonini (Forever Dancing, VA). Finally, in 2014 she began teaching samba de gafieira.

Her classes focus on an introduction to basic movements in folkloric dances, introduction to Brazilian samba (individual style), technical footwork and musicality for partner dance and the fundamentals partner dance (frame, resistance, synchronization).  Brazilian dance is a treasured cultural heritage and Dee is happy to facilitate learning about the culture and art of Brazil as a non-Brazilian practitioner.  She continues to learn and encourage others to seek out knowledge from masters on these art forms. Dee has been drumming with Vava United School of Samba for over 6 years training with Brazilian and American teachers and masters alike. She is now the Bateria Director for the school. She was also voted the Queen of Samba in 2017. 

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