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The cultural heritage of pilgrimage, your motivation, personal strengths, and limitations

Our goal is to get you ready for pilgrimage emotionally, physically, and practically while respecting your unique system of religious beliefs.

What Is Unique About
Our Program?

The Pilgrimage Workshop is a 2-day English language pilot program and the official launching of the Mind-Body Wonders™ Workshops/Events. We are new on the market of mental and physical wellness services, and we are striving to fill in the gaps that have not been filled yet. The unique value that we offer for the Pilgrimage Workshop participants can be summarized in these three principles:

1. We expand the framework of pilgrimage beyond specific religious beliefs. The practice of pilgrimage exists in many religions. At Mind-Body Wonders™, we focus on what makes us similar, not different. Our goal is to get you ready for pilgrimage emotionally, physically, and practically while respecting your unique system of religious beliefs.

2. The program of the Pilgrimage Workshop is rooted in the Mind-Body Wonders™ philosophy: the necessary balance between our 4 dimensions: Mind-Body-Heart-Connections. Our program uses mut:

  • Group coaching (Co-Active, Somatic Thinking, and Gestalt techniques)

  • Guided meditation and visualization

  • Guided self-reflection that incorporates thinking, emotional, and physical aspects

  • Movement and breathing exercises focusing on mindfulness and self-awareness

  • Group sharing and discussions

  • Problem-solving

3. We design your learning experience with the learning science in mind. With the extensive educational background of the founder, Tamara Tarasova, we use the latest and most sophisticated adult learning techniques to make sure that you leave the workshop with a clear set of tools, skills, and practical knowledge. Some of the instructional approaches used during the Workshop include:

  • Coaching

  • Interactive presentations

  • Games and scenarios, including roadshow simulation and problem-solving tasks

  • Hands-on experiential learning: creating hypotheses and testing them

  • Individual reflections

  • Group work  

Workshop Outcomes

  • Receive valuable resources on pilgrim paths around the world

  • Develop your individual meaning of pilgrimage and align it with your personal development goals

  • Use movement/breathing techniques to walk longer, safer, and to take a better care of your body 

  • Effectively embrace your individual physical and emotional strengths and limitations

  • Make sound decisions on what to take on your trip and what to leave behind

  • Build meaningful connections with like-minded community members


The program is subject to change. The exact timing of the activities is to be announced.  

Physical exercises focusing on presence, self-awareness, breath, mindful movement, safe walking, and energy-saving techniques will be offered at different times

on both days.

Forest Trees_edited_edited.jpg

The capstone of the Workshop will be our mini-pilgrimage to the waterfall on campus

Day 1: Explore Pilgrimage and Define Your Own Meaning 


Morning sessions:

  • Goal setting, exploring definitions of pilgrimage, themes, and defining individual meaning in them: presentations and discussions

  • My pilgrimage: guided visualization 

  • Internalizing pilgrimage themes and exploring own strengths and weaknesses: self-reflections, scenario games, and discussions


Lunch: Included into the price.

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Pilgrim trails around the world: presentations and roadshow games

  • Defining own pilgrimage destination: journaling and discussions

  • Day reflections and adjourning

Day 2: Prepare for Pilgrimage: Putting Theories Into Practice  


Morning Sessions:

  • Hands-on instruction on practical aspects of planning and backpacking: presentation and hands-on practice

  • Getting ready for the mini-pilgrimage trip to the waterfalls with real weights


Lunch: Included into the price.

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Real-life practice mini-pilgrimage to the Wellspring Waterfall. Rain or shine!

  • Development of the post-workshop action plan

  • Workshop reflections and adjourning

Reception: Building connections between participants and with practitioners, celebrating the ending of our mini-pilgrimage journey, included into the price.  

Mind-Body Wonders™ is committed to bringing the best possible experience to our clients. Because the Pilgrimage Workshop is our pilot program, we are pleased to offer highly discounted tickets that are incomparable to the real value of the program. With the purchase of these tickets, you help us develop further initiatives and support the mission of Mind-Body Wonders™ to build a Community of curious Minds, active Bodies and warm Hearts.

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