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Our Story

Most of us cherish experiences that saved us in the darkest moments of our lives... Sometimes, we get so passionate, that we decide to dedicate our time and efforts to sharing those insights with others. Gratitude and giving back are the essence of Mind-Body Wonders™. And the story behind it is as simple as a phone conversation between the two friends...

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It was an evening commute from work. A Friend #1 (Tamara), normally very reserved and keeping things to herself, has finally decided to share how empty her life was at that moment and how disconnected she became with everyone, including her much beloved family...

Friend #2, Svetlana, listened carefully and, in going against the standard advice to give space and not to force, she said: "I want you to dance Argentine tango. And it doesn't matter that you tried it before with your husband and he didn’t like it. I want YOU to dance… I am going to be out of town for a month. I’ll send you the info about classes so you can start right away. Once I am back, if you are not yet in, I‘ll get you there…"

There she was, the tough friend Svetlana…


The rest of the story unfolded at what seemed like the speed of light. Svetlana became a tango mentor for Tamara, helping her enter and navigate the tricky world of Argentine tango in Washington D.C. She was sharing dance techniques, encouraging her to be brave seeking dances, and supporting Tamara in finding her own personal dance style. Yet, Svetlana never mentioned that the true intention behind all those efforts was not to make Tamara a better dancer or to distract her, but to help her rediscover the true connection that Argentine tango offers…

And it worked.  Just several months into tango, Tamara started feeling alive again... Later, Svetlana shared with Tamara that for her, tango was healing as well. As for many other dancers…


This story is no surprise to anyone dancing Argentine tango – it is just one more good example of the healing power of movement, music, and embrace to help people cope with the most challenging situations, including grieving, depression, and sexual trauma, among others.

That miraculous experience prompted Tamara, a trained Gestalt Therapist, coach, and educator, to reconsider the way she could serve more people and do so more effectively. She realized that with all the powers of a profound conversation that she offers to her clients, she can stimulate even deeper transformations and healing through exposing them to real-life experiences. This is where the 3-steps formula “Explore, Engage, Connect!” by Mind-Body Wonders™ is rooted. 

Today Svetlana and Tamara are business partners, sharing the joy of being active, engaged, and connected through designing programs and activities within the framework of Mind-Body Wonders™.

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A full story of Tamara’s journey to explore the power of movement and connection is described in her chapter of a Book “Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 2,” which is a joint effort of a group of authors sharing their powerful stories of healing and encouragement with others. Please send your request if you would like to obtain the copy. 

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Tamara Tarasova

Tamara, the Founder and CEO of Mind-Body Wonders, LLC, Life and Success Coach, avid dancer, and book author. Mind-Body Wonders™ is her way to combine her diverse personal and professional skills as a coach, Gestalt therapist, educator, and manager to offer value to people beyond her physical capacity. In Mind-Body Wonders™ she is focused primarily on the development of programs and valuable offerings for all kinds of clients: people willing to enrich their lives through exposure to different practices, as well as practitioners offering their services. More about Tamara Tarasova.


Svetlana Dobrynina

Svetlana, Mind-Body Wonders™ Partner, has proven with her actions that the idea of exposing people to life-changing experiences works better than a thousand words. She is driven by the passion to serve others through sharing knowledge, establishing connections, and creating comfortable experiences in a wide range of settings and events. Svetlana is endlessly curious about the many opportunities out there offered by various wellness and health practitioners helping Mind-Body Wonders™ widen the network and offer the best to customers. She combines her work at Mind-Body Wonders, LLC, with her job as a Radiologist and Mammography Technologist which fulfils her passion for quality health- and self-care. She also holds a Law degree from Russia.

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