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Our Programs

Mind-Body Wonders™ supports its vision through several initiatives.


Mind-Body Wonders™ Events offer a unique learning and personal growth experience by gathering experts in different fields to unfold a chosen topic from very different (sometimes unexpected) perspectives. Our first pilot event, The "Dance Your Way Out of COVID Isolation!" Workshop is scheduled for May 1, 2022. Please sign up for our newsletter to get timely notifications

Practitioners' Shop

Mind-Body Wonders™ is committed to sharing wisdom with the world by helping talented practitioners serving others be more visible in digital space and the digital space and expanding their offerings. If you are a practitioner who is interested in setting up/improving your website, social media presence, setting up your video channel, developing online courses, and/or organizing an in-person event, please contact us so we can find solutions that meet your needs and budget.

Information Platform 

Currently under development, this project will invite visitors to a vibrant opportunity space that will engage their Mind, Body, Heart, and the ability to Connect through exploring and engaging in a wide variety of personal growth, wellness, sports, and art practices. If you are passionate about your particular practice and are willing to contribute to shared knowledge, please contact us to discuss opportunities. 

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