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Our Mission

Support long-term wellness of individuals, families, and communities through creating transformative

mind-body experiences.

Our Vision

We are building a Community of curious Minds, active Bodies, and warm Hearts.

About Mind-Body Wonders™

Mind-Body Wonders™ is a place where true miracles happen. Those miracles are positive life changes, new opportunities, joy, resilience, and meaningful connections. We invite those miracles into our lives by balancing the 4 dimensions of ourselves: our Mind, Body, Heart, and Connection. In practice, this means engaging in activities that stimulate our thinking, physical movement, support emotional awareness and expression, and help establish meaningful connections with the world around us.

Balanced Lifestyle

Attention, care and stimulation for all dimensions of ourselves

  • "Riding smoothly" through life with things happening easily and naturally

  • Feeling light, grounded, mostly optimistic 

  • Making decisions quite easily, not much contradiction between "how I feel" and "what I think"

  • Emotional and physical self-care routine in place, effectively coping with challenges

  • Deep and fulfilling connections with family, friends, co-workers and members of community 

Unalanced Lifestyle: Example

Compensating lack of attention to one or more dimensions by overstimulating another one

  • "A bumpy ride" through life requiring much effort, pushing through difficulties, "bad luck", etc.

  • Feeling anxious, disoriented, bored, unmotivated

  • Difficult decision making, decisions are not satisfying

  • Lack of self-care routine, broken promises to self to live/eat healthy, overlooked chronic health issues 

  • Superficial connections, conflicts, repetitive destructive patterns, feeling lonely 

Our Values

Our core values are: balance, diversity, respect, curiosity, and connection.

We value BALANCE between the 4 parts of our humanity: Mind, Body, Heart and the ability to Connect to the world around us. We believe that engaging at least two (better all 4) parts of ourselves on a regular basis is critical for the long-term mental and physical wellness of each of us. We are not reinventing the wheel – we are just making it more round.

We celebrate DIVERSITY of personalities, interests, and aspirations. We believe that there is no single path to a joyful and meaningful life, as there is no uniform image of how it looks for each of us.

We RESPECT different points of view as long as they are non-offensive and non-judgmental in regards to other members of the communities and/or practices.


We thrive on CURIOSITY of our community members who are eager to explore new ways to be engaged, connected, and positively challenged in various types of activities.

We cherish CONNECTION with ourselves, with each other, and with the world around us through active engagement and participation in activities and discussions on the level of Mind, Body, and Heart.

Our 3-Step Formula

Mind-Body Wonders™  redefines the long-term physical and emotional wellness of individuals, families, and communities by following the three-step formula: explore, engage, and connect.

First, we invite you to explore a unique compilation of practices offered either in the form of resources or as activities facilitated by practitioners. These practices include, but are not limited to, various types of coaching, creative therapies, arts, sports, and others.

Next, we invite you to engage in those activities through various online and/or face-to face events or by providing valuable resources.

Finally, we give you opportunities to connect with the Mind-Body Wonders™ community of people who share our core values: practitioners, customers, or people who are exploring new opportunities. 

Check our programs offerings to see how we implement our vision in practice. 

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